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Freelancer Makeup Artist in Chandigarh

Ruchi is a wonderful Freelance makeup artist, who is understanding, kind and professional.Ruchi started her career in makeup in 2015 and competed 2 successful years with her salon in 2017 and she truly believes that every person has their own special qualities, but what sets her apart is her nature.Her aim is to beautify women by making their skin look perfectly stunning and then subtly enhancing their features like eyes or lips.She is a part of the new generation of makeup artists in Chandigarh that are able to create everything from cutting edge contemporary to classically chic.She will not only make you look amazing on your wedding day, but also ensure that you are truly a stress-free, happy bride.

She really understands what her brides want and give them something unique; something they have never imagined. She offers Professional Makeup & Hair styling services for Fashion Shoots, Shows,Video Shoots, Events and Weddings. She has a team of experts who also offer freelance on location services for weddings and other special occasions.Bridal Makeup is her forte and she follows a subtle yet modern style.She is proficient in producing creative and technically correct visual representations.She has the capability of bringing the best out of people's features and seeing clients smile after the makeover.

Her style of makeup is minimal gorgeous makeup where she works towards a dewy face with emphasis on the eyes.She believes that every girl has unique features which are absolutely lovely and fun to work with. Ruchi's approach in makeup is bringing out the best features of her clients and making them a beautiful version of their own selves.If there is someone who can do magic with her makeup brushes it's surely Ruchi.She is very accommodating in terms of understanding your style and catering it accordingly instead of telling you what you must do.Every girl wants to look the best on her wedding day. So she made this possible.The makeup was so elegant. Probably she just understands what will suit you the best.She was absolutely brilliant from start to finish.The best part about her make up and styling is that you what looks good on a girl/women.You don't follow monotony but are very flexible with your make up as per the need depending on skin type and skin tone and she knows the perfect color and right amount of makeup applied, no over do but at the same time a STAR look.

Choose Ruchi Makeup Artist and Studios for your special occasions and we promise you will not be disappointed.


Nail extensions is another section that we take care of. This is a process in which artificial coverings are glued to the fingernails merely a fashion accessory, which appears to be very close to the original ones.We are into gel acrylic and permanent gel nail paint.


Nail extensions is another section that we take care of.


Manicure is a word derived from Latin ie manus while cura means care. Hence taking care of the hands. In this basically we trim the fingernails as per the need and desire of the customer. Then soaked in a finger bowl in warm soapy water. The cuticle are softened which the n pushed back and removed. Dirt is cleaned and removed of the nails followed by cleansing and massaging. The final is done with a base coat along with two coats of desired color and a top coat.


The spa and manicure services that we provide relaxation by a warm hand of Ruchi. Here this treatment is unlike any other on Earth!


Pedicure is also derived from Latin which also means foot care. Though this is little different from manicure but conceptually both are alike. Once the toe nails are trimmed and shaped properly, then soaked in bubbly hot water tub, the dead skin and cuticles are pushed and removed .Followed by a very relaxing massage and eventually nails are coated with a colour of your choice.


Ruchi is high time into overlays also that is applied over the natural nails. This helps in preventing nail chip and adding of couple of coats of glue doesn’t work. We are hardcore into normal as well as French overlays.


Nail art is the colouring of the nails with decorative designs, brightening of your daily look or accessorize the theme outfits. Nail art is something which is trending since few years making itself as an important chapter of fashion industry. This is one stop where you get the best of the nail art done in tune to the different lifestyles, themes and attire that you want. All that is given to you by ruche who does it all with stones, paints, stick - on etc.

We are basically in both type of extensions ie Tip as well as the forms. In trhe case of Tips, we generally use lightweight plastic plates that are nail shaped and glued to the tip . This comes in various colours right from natural to flamboyant colours as per your taste and liking.While forms are the second type that we are big time into. This is something that is fitted on the nails and eventually an artificial nail is molded which is properly shaped and buffed to shine.