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Types of Makeup for the Eyes

Apr 03

Types of Makeup for the Eyes

If you want to look perfect on your big day, then makeup Artist is the best for you. There are various types of make up for eyes which are very important. Eyes is very small part of face but it’s makeup is very much affected to our face look, that is the reason we consult makeup.

1. Eye Primer:  

Eye primer will help any makeup you put on your eye last longer. It will prevent creasing and fading. Types of makeup like this also brings out the color of your eye shadow so that they’re more vibrant.

2. Mascara: 

Types of cosmetics like the mascara is used to darken, lengthen, and thicken the eyelashes. It is available in natural colors such as brown and black, but also comes in bolder colors such as blue, pink, or purple. There are many different formulas, including waterproof for those prone to allergies or sudden tears. Mascaras nowadays come with certain components to help lashes to grow longer and thicker. There are specific minerals and proteins that are combined with the mascara that can benefit, as well as beautify.

3. Eyelash Curler:  

An eyelash curler is a type of hand-operated mechanical device for curling eyelashes.


4. Extension/ False Eyelashes:  False eyelashes are one of the only types of makeup that add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes.

5.Eyebrow pencil:  An eyebrow pencil is a coloured pencil you can use to give your eyebrows a tint.

6.Eyebrow Wax:  The eyebrow wax is a type of cosmetic used to even out eyebrows to your liking.

7.Eyebrow Gels: Eyebrow gel is used to set the eyebrows so that they stay in place all day. Some come colored.

8.Eyebrow Powder: Just like eyebrow pencils, the eyebrow powder is used with a brush to color and define the brows.


Different Eye Shapes For Proper Makeup Application


For Round Eyes

For ladies with a round eye shape, you can apply eyeliner beginning from the internal corners of the eyes working out. The edge of the line can either be straight or a little feline eye, whichever you favour. It is essential to feature the forehead bone and apply light eyeshadow on the inward corners of the eye. In the wake of featuring, include a medium shade eyeshadow over the cover to include differentiate. Complete off with a darker shade of eyeshadow connected along the wrinkle. Try to mix from the outside to the center of the eyes.


For Close-Set Eyes

In the event that you have close-set eyes, feature the eyebrow bone and the inward eyelids to make them more noticeable. At that point, apply a medium shade eyeshadow on whatever is left of the eyelids expanding only a little on the external corners. Expand on the shading by utilizing a darker shade beginning from the external corner to the wrinkle. Complete off the eye shape with an eyeliner. Begin drawing at the focal point of the eyelid and make a straight line the distance to the external corner.

For Almond Eyes 

On the off chance that you have almond eyes, at that point youre one fortunate woman! Almond eyes are the most symmetrical of all eye shapes. It implies you can put less exertion in accomplishing symmetry on the eyes which is really the objective of eye cosmetics. You can explore different avenues regarding diverse looks since its difficult to commit an error with this match of eyes. On the off chance that you need a guide, the round eyes cosmetics system is an extraordinary begin.


For Downturned Eyes

For downturned eyes, pursue the system for round eyes. The distinction is you have to go heavier on the eyeliner. In the wake of applying the eyeshadow, draw the eyeliner beginning from the internal corner of the eye and expand such a distance out. Winged and feline eye looks are awesome to lift up the eyes. Twisting your lashes and applying mascara additionally include additional eye lift.

In the realm of cosmetics, wonderful eyes wind up lovelier. Work on your eye cosmetics diversion and see the distinction! For one thing, it is vital you know your eye shape and face shape. At that point, continue rehearsing on the ideal eye cosmetics for you. Acing your eye cosmetics system wont occur incidentally yet as long as you continue doing it, you will be an eye cosmetics genius in a matter of seconds.


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